This I Believe

Jon - Exton, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that moving on is not always a bad thing. I have spent over three years of my life at Penn State, and when I finally have gotten adjusted I have to leave. Growing up in a military family I moved around a lot. It seemed as if every time I started to fit in and actually like where I was living, we had to pack up and go somewhere else. I moved nine times before I came to college, and history is now repeating itself.

Each time my parents told my siblings and I that we were moving, they always said that it was for the best. My parents told me that I could make new friends, better friends. I always adjusted, even though I usually put up a fight, and I grew as a person after each move. I have met hundreds, if not thousands, of people from different parts of the country, and I feel that my perspective on life has been influenced greatly by each and every one of those moves.

I have experienced what a stasis upbringing of a rural small town is like, where everybody knows your name. I have lived in major cities, where everything is constantly changing. There are always pro’s and con’s of every environment, but I think that I am able to find the good in any situation that I’m put in. That doesn’t mean that I look forward to moving though, I just believe that moving on isn’t always a bad thing.

What makes leaving college so hard for me is that for once in my life, I was able to pick where I was going to live. I know that I have to leave; I just don’t want to waste any of the time that I have left here. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it here or whether or not I would make a lot of friends, but not a day goes by that I regret my decision to go to Penn State. I have met a lot of really great friends here, and it will be very emotional when I graduate with them.

I believe that experiences and environments shape who we are and who we will become. Although I disliked moving around so much as a kid, I would not trade any of those experiences for anything. I am a better person today because of different people I have met and the different environments that I have lived in. So what do I think about moving on? I believe it will be for the best, and I know I’ll be ready when it happens.