This I Believe

John - Kailua- Kona, Hawaii
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 65+

To: This I Believe, National Public Radio

“Upon My Death”

This should come as no surprise

When I meet with my demise

That the ones behind I leave

This writ is what I believe

To my maker my spirit has returned

To the earth my body has succummed

Though my presence you now will miss

My soul long has yearned for this

So do not mourn long for me

I am where I longed to be

My spirit mow set free

My Saviour at last I can see

Jesus means all the world to me

Now at last His face I behold

In total joy and ecstacy

I walk the Streets of gold

Please rejoice with me in your tears

Of Joy and sadness intertwined

That mem’ries of my earthly years

Bring a divine peace to your mind

To help you bear the awful pain

I make my wishes clearly plain

That you in your grief obtain

Some solace your heart to sustain

Scatter my ashes on land or sea

So that all who witness shall see

Life’s not as short as it seems to be

But lasts for all eternity

My body has shed the corruptable

And has put off it’s mortality

My new body is now incorruptable

And taken on it’s immortality

In my memory sing songs of praise

To the Lord my God who loved me so

Gave His son to die and then did raise

That I his child to Heav’n could go

Let my family come from far and near

To this Hawaii my favourite place

And when at last all have gathered here

Give thanks and praise for God’s love and


As for my possesions I do not care

Let my beloved wife wxecutor or heir

Do with them as she or he thinks best

This my final and only bequest

The time will surely go on swiftly by

Farewell my friends and loved ones

please don’t cry

For I will be seeing you soon again

May God bless you each and every one