This I Believe

Nicholas - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

“Work,” the word just sounds bad from the start. “I have to get up and go to…work,” who wants to do that? I do. I love work. It’s actually relaxing, maybe it’s an escape. I work four jobs: for a pretty big landscaping company, in the landscaping computer lab on campus, at my professor’s tree farm and nursery and for my own landscaping and tree service company. Some might say that’s overload, but I find it to be a blast. I guess it’s for two reasons: I’m passionate about plants and the landscape and I have a commitment to my work that’s very serious. The first reason I got from working at Scott’s Landscaping. The second is from my Dad.

It all happened back in high school when I worked for a construction company. I had just gotten back from a vacation with my friends the night before and wasn’t in the mood to go to work the next day. Right before I was getting ready to call off, my Dad let me have it. He told me that I should have planned ahead and left the beach sooner so I could get a good night’s sleep before work. I knew he was right. See my Dad didn’t just talk it, he lived it. In 15 years with the same company my Dad called in sick once. He was never late. While my Dad always made time for his family and fun, he also worked harder than anyone I know. Maybe that’s how he worked his way from the bottom up with 4 promotions. Whenever I did something, whether it was school, sports or work my Dad would ask me if I did my best. As long as I could honestly look him in the eye and tell him I did, he was satisfied no matter how well I did or did not do.

Now that my Dad’s passed on, one of the ways that I can make him proud is to take pride in my work and work hard. I know it’ll pay off someday just like it did for him. My commitment to my work and life’s passion is something I’m extremely proud of and I hope Dad is too.