This I Believe

Dan - West Chester, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: community

I find it hard to trust people at times. Other people do not think like you, do not know you, and cannot believe you. To counter these, you need to work; to convince others, to explain to others, to prove to others. And I believed nobody really wants to work with others when they can do things themselves. That all changed.

On a family ski trip with my cousins, we went off a marked trail going shallow into the woods between trails. We skied down this trail, now becoming trough-like. Instinct was hinting maybe it’s time to get out, but on we went.

Next we came to a thawing stream, then realized this is what the trail really was: a creek that carved its way down the mountain, and it was now thawing in the spring season.

We now decided it was time to get out, but not before my cousin wanted to try to ski this one obstacle: a small drop into the powder off a boulder. Looked harmless enough.

The force that she jumped of the boulder with cascaded the snow on the boulder around her. It was like watching a waterfall. Except when the snow settled, my cousin had disappeared. Seconds later, only her feet could be seen just above the snow. Her mini avalanche had buried her.

In this situation, had it been me, and my own particular way of preferring solitude, —I would have been trapped, suffocated, and eventually dead. —

Luckily, she landed in a way to stop her from sinking in the snow farther, and she landed upright. The snow on top was light and easy to dig out to her. There was no danger of drowning, and the snow was thick enough to stay above the creek water. There was time to get ski patrol to dig her out. The situation could have been worse

Safety is top priority in sports, even if its not entire clear. One of the recommendations in skiing is to ski in groups, especially in backcountry and unexplored areas. Group can accomplish more then a single individual. Those who try difficult task by themselves can potentially get hurt, or worse, as my ski trip incident suggests.

Trusting others and working together caused major advancement in my perception of the world. I can further trust people and better my life through relationships with others. I can give people a chance to show me they can be trusted, and I in turn can show them that I want to be trusted. This I believe.