This I Believe

Cade - Centerville, Utah
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect


When I was about seven my dad sat me down and began to teach how to respect people, especially women. He taught how to use utensils and where those utensils should go. After I had mastered eating I was taught not to say or do rude thinks in front of women a.k.a my mother and both my sisters including my younger sister. Burping was a major issue with me and my brothers so if we ever burped we were required to pay a quarter, which for me was a huge amount, this quarter went in a jar that was used by my mother and sisters’ for whatever they wanted. People today are rude. Men especially are crude and insensitive jerks. Most don’t even think twice about burping or swearing in front of women. This really bugs me because everyone should be treated with respect which is something that seems to have disappeared from our culture. Compliments are a good thing but most people don’t seem to get the message that making fun of someone isn’t all that fun.

I hate it when, men especially, people burp and swear. Both are disgusting habits that too many people have gotten into. Sometimes burping is an accident but if it is you can at least have the sense to pardon yourself. Being in Jr. High sure opens your eyes to how most of the world, think about burping and swearing. They seem to find it funny and somehow I don’t agree with them. Swearing is crude and ugly. It has no purpose but to insult and when people swear it really bugs me a lot. So don’t do it! Why do you need to do it? There is no purpose to either of these things.

Opening the door for a lady is something men should learn. Far too many men just walk straight though the door without even thinking of the people behind them. If you are the first person to reach the door open the stupid thing! Even if your only have one lady in your group let her go through first and then you should still hold the door for the others in your group even if they are men, just hold the door. A bonus of holding the door is you have that lady’s thanks which is a very good thing. Also men if you are on a date and you are having dinner take off the lady’s coat and pull her chair out for her, this again will earn thanks. So please, people, have the sense to use COURTSEY!