This I Believe

Quinn - Weston, Wisconsin
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

It is okay to have money, just do not let your life revolve around it. My family and I once went snorkeling at a lake near our campsite. We had a blast sitting in the sun and relaxing in the water. It did not cost us anything. My mom, sister and I spend Sunday afternoons doing crafts and scrap booking. We enjoy collecting our pictures and making them into organized books. This hobby doesn’t cost us much either. In fact, nothing we do to spend time with each other requires having a pile of money.

I believe that money cannot buy happiness. My family spends hours at a time together. We watch television and play games. During the summer, we spend our weekends up north at the campground. We do all of those activities and more. Our family finds ways to enjoy ourselves because to us, money doesn’t make a family. The more money people have, the more they want. People are never satisfied with having ‘enough’ money.

I hear about movie stars who are so wealthy that they cannot enjoy life. Lindsey Loahan and the Olsen twins always look so happy, but are they? They suffer privately with anorexia, drugs, or other problems we don’t know about.

Filthy rich people always act cheerful in public, but I truly think they are not. They can use their money to travel on my vision of a dream vacation, but it is just another trip to them. Celebrity children may have all kinds of money. Are they happy? How often do they see their parents and spend time with them?

People with a lot of money could use the extra money and give donations to a charity or cause such as the Hurricane Katrina Fund. Another organization that might need help would be for hospital intensive care units. I know from experience that the rooms are not comfortable. It would have helped my grandpa recover quicker if it was homier. Extra funds could help to brighten the atmosphere and make it more comfortable.

The material things money buys can break, wear out, or get replaced with the next new, hip item on the market. Your family, on the other hand, can never be replaced. Don’t sell yourself short of making your life worth all your accomplishments. This I Believe.