This I Believe

Tiffani - Weston, Wisconsin
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

We should look to the mind, and not to the outward appearance. -Aesop

“Oh my gosh, look at him! He is so fat. You might not want to talk to him; he might swallow you whole. And look at his clothes! He got them from Goodwill, is that all he can afford? He’s hanging out with all of the ‘A’ plus kids.”

I have heard many terrible things in the hallway at my school, parties, and in stores. I strongly believe that you shouldn’t judge people by appearances. They can’t control how they look. They didn’t make themselves that way.

I have had many experiences in my lifetime and one of them is with my grandpa. My grandpa has leg problems, so he can’t really work out at all. He has another issue where he can’t even lay in a bed because he will stop breathing. Now my grandpa is not skinny and is actually rather large. When my grandpa is on his scooter in theme parks, I know people are always staring at him. I know people are always judging him on how he looks when they don’t even know what he is like or that he has a huge heart.

Now I know each and everyone of you have at one time judged someone who is fat, has zits all over their face, has messy hair, spilled rotten ketchup all over their shirt, or just looks like they need a shower. You have to think of what it’s like in their footsteps. Maybe they have leg problems like my grandpa. They could have face health problems such as allergic reactions or skin problems. What about if they’re poor so they have no comb or only one shirt, and could have a plumbing problem that they cant fix or pay to get fixed?

I know when all you’ve seen something similar to these problems you may criticize them when you don’t even think about what they’re going through. It’s not fair for them to be picked on like that when it might not even be their fault.

I believe that you should not judge people by their appearances. This I believe.