This I Believe

Adam - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

This I Believe

What makes up the substances of someone’s life and reason for being? I believe this is my family and friends. These relationships give me the reason I am “me”. These relationships have formed me into what I am today, and keep me accountable for my future and for theirs. I believe relationships are a part of human nature, not only in America but all over the world. From the second we come into this world we are born into a family, and will always be a part of that family.

I remember when I was young my family would drive three hours to Hermitage, PA, to visit my grandparents. This was always a fun time for my brother and me. When I look back on these memories, it wasn’t about the candy and food my grandmother always had or the occasional $20 my granddad would give me and my brother when we left. What really mattered was that they were always there to lend a helping and or to give helpful advice. I will always remember the time we spent together, the things I have learned and the relationship I had with them.

I believe the relationships you have with friends are also what forms and makes you who you are. I have friends that I went to elementary school with and now attend Penn State with me, friends I met at Penn State and friends on the other side of the country. I know that no matter how far apart we are I will still have those friendships and be able to count on them.

Friends and family are the basis of your life, through good and bad. They are with you even if they are not physically there. Just as my friends and family hold me together, I must remember that I am also a friend and family member to others, and as I look to them for advice and help I, too, must be ready to help in a time of need.