This I Believe

Mark - Apex, North Carolina
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

You see them frequently I’m sure, the overweight men and women of America shifting their weight around the USA. Though many think being fat is obviously dangerous for the body, I believe that society poses more of a problem to the fat man than health. I bet, of course, you don’t usually just walk up to someone and bludgeon him or her for being overweight, but rather the opposite. You give the fat man sympathy and pity; you might even toss him a cookie. No matter how unprejudiced you might be, you can’t help but look down upon the fat man unless he has more money than you. I would much rather be treated with respect than sympathy.

Now I’m not here to bully the fat man and rip the fried chicken right out of his belly, I’m in no place to do such a thing. I started being noticeably overweight somewhere in the second or third grade; that was God’s way of filing me into the ‘nerds, geeks and outcasts’ category of elementary school society. Then came three years of not just being insulted, but also represented by, my stomach. I was the fat kid on the block, likely the heaviest in all my classes. Eventually I came to terms with my obesity, I’d tell everyone that I aspired to be a sumo wrestler one day and I threatened to sit on people if they made fun of me.

Eventually my family, my stomach and I, all moved to a completely different state. I had to start anew; people saw us (my portliness and I) and proceeded to filing me under ‘nerds, geeks and outcasts’ once again. It was better in middle school, everyone was a bit more mature, and by then plumpness was a common sight. Then I arrived in high school, and for some reason everyone believed they were fat. If it wasn’t flesh, muscle or bone then it was fat and they had to lose it. Throughout High School I saw this and decided to use my belly for good as comedy fodder. With that I had developed my saving grace, my humor. The fat man’s only saving grace is humor.

For me, my cycle of the feelings about my fat was hate of my tubbiness into annoyance by it’s presence into hate of all fat, including other people’s fat. I’m sure if the fat man were to cause hassle to you, you would likely insult them (mentally or out loud) through use of their size. ‘Hurry up fat-ass’ you may think. If it were a muscular person, you’d probably assume they were off saving lives or whatever else muscular people do instead of bloating around the kitchen shoveling mayonnaise into their mouths. Simply put, the fat man gets the same hate as the skinny man, times two. I, the fat man, have feelings too, but it’s OK; As long as I have a gut, I feel I deserve no sympathy.

Now excuse me, it’s time for lunch.