Don’t Wait

Tricia - Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 20, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem, death

Don’t Wait

Death—a word everyone hates to hear, yet everyone has experienced this tragedy within family and friends. Someday, you will even have to experience it personally.

My grandfather, after battling with cancer for many years, passed away when I was just a small child. I will always hold close to me the words my mother comforted me with while I was morning over his death: “You need to be like your grandfather—he lived everyday to the fullest.” The memories I have with him are slowly fading away, but the stories I hear about how he lived his life are inspiring and unforgettable. The world was in a depression, but that didn’t stop my grandfather from being a strong, positive, and successful man. From a school child to an adult battling cancer, my grandfather never gave up.

I believe you should live everyday as if it’s your last. There is not one day that passes or one decision that I make where the words my mother whispered to me that day don’t come to mind. When I make decisions concerning today, tomorrow, or the rest of my life, I just remember that I must make it worthwhile and take steps to reach my dreams and goals. I look at every opportunity I pass up as stories I don’t get to tell and experiences I will never have. There is no way to prepare for death, but there is a way to die without regrets.

I do everything I can in one day; I make sure not to pass up anything I will later regret. Dinner with my family and friends may mean a later night of studying, but it is worth the time I get to spend with them and grow closer to them. I do what I enjoy, prioritize what is important, and reach for my dreams and goals, not just today—but everyday.

I spread my cheer, positive outlook on life, and share my belief with others. Continuing the sharing of my belief, I remind you to live everyday as if it’s your last and I assure you that just as I have found—there are few disappointments.