This I Believe

dori - USA
Entered on April 20, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

It was a life changing experience I’ll never forget. My dad told me the day before that I was going to go out to Utah for a while on a camping trip. When I asked him what I needed to bring he said I needed nothing. I woke up at four o’clock in the morning and was escorted to Utah by my dad. When we got to the airport I was nervous. My dad dropped me off with a couple guys and he turned and left.

“So where am I going exactly?” I asked

“You’ll see when we get there, just relax we have a long drive” they said.

We drove and drove and drove; I ended up falling asleep on the way. We ended up in Duchene, Utah; the middle of nowhere. There wasn’t a lot going on at all but I decided I would just see what happened next. We pulled up to a doctor’s office so I could et a physical. They had to make sure I was completely healthy before sending me out to the camp sight. After I was done in the doctor’s office we got backing the car.

“So where am I going exactly” I asked?

“We can’t really tell you much, but will you put this blindfold on” they said.

I put the blindfold on but was getting a little uneasy. I had already had all my clothes taken and was given old worn hiking gear. Now I felt the car start to shake and grumble. We were on a dirt road. I could smell it. We drove and drove and drove. I was getting tired again and started to fall asleep when the car stopped. They told me I could take my blindfold off. I did.

“So where am I exactly” I asked?

They answered, “Your new home for the next three months.”

It was time to let go of all the distractions and really take on what was ahead of me. While I was in the wilderness over the next 3 months I realized that I was denying a beautiful part of being human, which was pain. I wasn’t letting myself feel sad or lonely. I was distracting myself through anything and everything just because I didn’t know what else to do. Struggling is necessary in life and while no one wants to feel sad, its what makes feeling happy worth your while.