This I Believe

Nicholas - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 20, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Leap of Faith

During my last month of high school my father came up with a proposal that should have been intended for an after college job interview. He was basically offering me my whole career on a silver plater. He wanted to start a family restaurant and for me to be an integral part of it. Immediately questions began to arise. Could I possible forgo not going to college and having to work full time right out of high school? What if I didn’t even want to go into the hospitality industry? Whatever was about to arise I always told myself to put my trust in God and everything will work out. By allowing him to take control of the situation I knew the right scenario would turn out.

All throughout my 22 years of existence I have had to take leaps of faith that only God can help me with. His words of wisdom and living testaments are things that cannot be overlooked in preparing for the future. Whether it was deciding to go to college, what to do after college, or what apartment to live in God has always provided me with the guidance needed. I believe that without his guidance, many of my leaps would have been blind leaps of faith, and many of my achievements could not have been completed.

The basis for my belief in God has to come from my well rounded family. Through the good and bad times my family has supported every decision I have ever made. Due to my exposure to church and various forms of faith, I have been able to make the decisions that I feel will help me make better life decisions.

As I mature into an adult I know my belief will be tested numerous times. By doing my best and leaving the rest to God I believe I have the potential to do wonderful things. With a solid family foundation and a strong belief in faith, I feel everyone can lead peaceful, successful lives….This I believe.