This I Believe

Erika - Saint Louis, Missouri
Entered on April 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Walking down the hallway in between classes, I smile at the people I pass. Most respond with a friendly smile, but a few look at the ground. I am puzzled by this, because I barely know them. They can’t possibly be embarrassed, so why do certain people look at the ground, and not a friendly face. I believe the answer lies in your heart. I believe a person’s eyes are the window to their soul.

Have you ever wondered why people look at the ground when they pass you in the street? People, though it may be only subconsciously, know others can see into their soul. To certain people this idea is frightening. Why do people make you look into their eyes when you are telling them something? The reason is your eyes reveal if you are lying. A person’s eyes can tell you things words never could. A picture’s worth a thousand words, but eyes tell endless stories.

“Mommy, I didn’t do it!”

“Look me in the eyes and tell me that.”

“I…I can’t.”

Children learn at a young age, lying is not only bad, but people can tell when you lie. When people lie, a sure sign of an untruth is if they don’t look you square in the eyes.

Though people can shape words that are untrue, your eyes reveal all. Behind your eyes, emotions like fear, pain, and even happiness shine. You know when a person is truly happy, when their eyes shine. But tears tell when a person is sad or hurt. You cannot hide your true feelings no matter how hard you try. You can see it in their eyes, when a child hits their first homerun. Their eyes glow with a newfound excitement. Eyes twinkling with laughter at a funny joke, or the awe of a wondrous sight, like the Grand Canyon. So many different emotions have so many different effects. Eyes can sparkle, twinkle, laugh, cry, mourn, and pout. Eyes are merely a reflection of one’s soul.

Maybe the next time, when walking down the hall, you will go that extra mile to look someone in the eyes. Because who know, maybe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for. Understanding, compassion, someone to laugh or cry with, or maybe you’ll just simply find a friend, all in the eyes of a stranger.