This I Believe

Joshua - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on April 19, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

My book is titled:

Be Who You Are: The One Habit of Successful, Happy People. To illustrate the wisdom of my new book, my agent and I hope to produce a commercial using a prominent family like President Bush’s.

The commercial begins with young President Bush, elder Bush and his wife as a struggling family. In the background, Sinatra’s My Way is playing. As the Bush family gets older they become happier. William Shatner’s voice over accompanies this process. “Describe a path to happiness. Not easy, is it? Describe a path to unhappiness. Easy, right? You’ve been doing it all your life. Wonder where you went wrong? Have you sometimes said, ‘I should be doing what he is doing. He looks happy.’ Have you caught your wife saying, ‘If only we could be like them, then we would be happy.’ Do you think if you went out drinking, using drugs, started lieing, cheating, and vacationed nearly %50 of your work life that you could be happy like the president? Have you been copying the president’s lifestyle for years now and are still unhappy? Have you tried failing at businesses over and over again as a way to be successful? Yes, it worked for him but it won’t work for you. Your path is your path and no one can find it for you. In fact, under President Bush, if you attempted to follow in his footsteps you could be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay for life or, worse, be taken to an unknown place in a secret jet. Buy Josh Larson’s book, Be Who You Are and find the success and happiness like the presidents but in your own way.

My agent says W. won’t do the spot (and it’s not the money). He says the president believes everyone should be just like him. Bush is a man that says, “If only they did it my way, then they would be happy.” I have noticed that the current American policy requires every country to be like America. And that makes me wonder why W. wants to destroy the whole world in a couple of weeks. If President Bush and America are forcing others to follow our example as a way of happiness then we better look like we are happy. Most of us take anti-depressants, are overweight, in debt, destroying the environment, using force to convince people that America and democracy are great, and we are consistently seeking psychological and spiritual help. Wow, America is so happy and successful.

In my opinion, we are forcing other countries to be the same waxed, red colored, non-dimpled, mass produced, genetically modified apple. If you have had the pleasure of eating a locally grown, organic apple, you know that eating a supermarket apple is like chewing on cardboard, the bland kind.

This I belive: Happiness is unique. It looks unique, in fact weird, smells funny, is sometimes uncomfortable, scary and radical. People create their own pathways to happiness and success and no path can be created for them or forced upon them. And, the more varieties of apples, the better the selection, price, and taste.