This I Believe

Montanna - Pearl River, New York
Entered on April 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the power of faith is unmatched. Faith is a secure belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God’s will but can also be simply known as belief in a truth or value. Day to day, we all are faced with challenges, some more serious than others, but nonetheless, life has its ups and downs. Sometimes our efforts work to overcome a challenge, other times the solution is far beyond our reach. For me, faith is what overcomes any impediment to happiness.

I tie my faith closely to religion, Christianity. Faith isn’t something you’re born with; it grows through experience and time. Whenever I hit a “bumpy road” in my life, I have faith in God to help me out. Why shouldn’t I have faith in God? After all, who else forgives us when we need to be forgiven and who else sees us as beautiful from the inside out. Faith is still important even if one chooses not to have religion in their life. Having faith in yourself and believing in yourself can take you a long way.

Faith often grows the most when our faith is tested. At one point in my life, my faith was tested and was not as strong as it is now. My family was going through tough times with a family member who was diagnosed with cancer and for anyone that is a lot to accept. At this point, I saw it as a fork in the road, I had two choices, I let this get the best of me or I put full faith in God. Luckily enough, I chose faith and slowly but surely things are looking up. I know for me when there is faith in my life there seems to be a sense of security and I feel that I am a better person. Even for smaller challenges in my life that come day to day I still have that sense of faith that all the pieces will eventually fall into place. Sometimes it’s a small prayer before I play in a lacrosse game and other times its faith in myself that I will do well on a test.

For me, faith is taking a risk; it’s having enough trust in God to take care of you and make sure you’re okay. Sometimes we get caught up in the events of every day life and try to have a sense of control over every aspect of our life. Faith eliminates that need to control; faith is letting God take the wheel and accepting what is best for us. It’s unfair to say God let us down or faith didn’t lead us where we wanted to be. I know God will never let me down. Sometimes things that go on in our life seem like a let down, but its all part of greater plan. There is nothing in this world of uncertainties that faith cannot rise above.