This I Believe

colette - pearl river, New York
Entered on April 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that kids today are the key to the future. I’m 15 and I have already made mistakes in my life that I wish I had not. Isn’t that what life is all about though, making mistakes and learning by them. “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes” Said Oscar Wilde

Parents today want to protect their children from the horrible world we live in. But really are they helping them? By keeping them at home and not allowing that to live life and make their own mistake. Parents think they know best, and most the time they do. They just don’t want their kids to make the mistakes they once did. But one day my peers and I will be parents too and we need to protect our kids. How? How can we help them when we weren’t given the chance to experience the wrong things?

I’m writing about this issue because it is an important issues that a lot of kids and even I have to deal with. I was given the trust by my parents and by my parents and I abused it and lost it. My parents caught me lying about where I was really supposed to be. They were disappointed in me and they said “anything could have happened to me and they wouldn’t have known where I was.” They also told me it’s better to be honest with them that to lie to them. I took me a while to regain their trust. Of course I was grounded and even when I was aloud out it was only things they wanted me to do. But finally I worked hard to earn their trust. Lucky for me my parents are a lot less strict than a lot of my friends parents are.

I believe parents today are too over protective of their kids. When our parents were children a lot of them were aloud to do what ever they wanted to. My parents tell me how they would run round the streets at night and I ask why they not allow me to do that. They say it’s because the world has changed so much since they were kids. But honestly, do they think that there were no bad things happening when they were kids. This world is unsafe and it always will be. But that is no excuse from not allowing your kids to experience the fun of their teenage years.

As always there is another side to this. Teenagers are wild and crazy but when they are given the freedom and trust they want from their parents they must do the right thing with it. It takes a lot to earn the trust but a little to lose it. Because once the trust is gone it is hard to regain it. From experiencing this myself it takes a lot for your parents to start believing you again and again allowing you to go out and make the right decisions.

I believe one a child has reached 15 they should be given a lot more freedom by their parents. Parents know what its like to be in high school and what teenagers get up to when they are in high school. Not all the things are good and safe. But I believe that parents need to have enough trust in their child and allow them to do the right thing. Not every mistake is a foolish one.

So I believe kids are the key to the future and for kids to grow up and become mature they have to experience things by themselves. Parents need to know when they can let their children go and when to trust them. They need to let their kids make mistakes and then allow them to call it and experience.