This I Believe

Anna - Mesquite, Texas
Entered on April 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

It’s Whatever

When all the world turns his back, shuts you out, and tells you your outfit’ s ugly… who cares? No matter what the situation I believe you should always wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you are not happy in your own clothes where can you be happy? There is only one rule to being stylish, and that is being you. Style is not what the media or pop-culture says is hot or trendy. Style is the flair and chic-ness you add into your own wardrobe.

I believe that if the tiara from your mom’s high school prom makes you feel like a princess, wear it when you clean. I believe that if the neon leggings from the thrift store make you feel like a rock star, wear them to the grocery store. I believe that if your grandmothers gold pumps make you feel rich, strut them at the mall. Whatever the occasion or the group of people you are with, make sure to sport your most fashionable trends. I believe you need to wear whatever makes you happy. I tend to wear my most comfortable t-shirts and soccer shorts wherever I go. What can I say? I’m a sporty girl. But that’s what makes me… well me, on a daily basis; of course I can dress it up or down adding my own flair to my prom dress, peejays or my jean to enhance my vogue. The key to being stylish is versatility. Be flexible and open-minded; allow your inner most person to arise. Who knows you may find a side to your personality you never knew existed.

So put on your mixed matched prints and old Vanilla Ice t-shirt, engulf yourself in your own fashion as if you were taking a long relaxing bubble bath filled to the brim with lilac smelling suds. Remember, the next time you make fun of someone’s hideous, purple, ripped, mid-thigh, sequined mini-skirt, think of that $400 Fendi purse you wear with every outfit that you perceive to be so hot.