This I Believe

Dane - Mesquite, Texas
Entered on April 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe listening to your friends not your THERAPEST

With me misspelling the word therapist T-H-E-R-A-P-E-S-T. I am saying a therapest rapes a person of money and that doesn’t always help this is how I will be spelling Therapist from now on. They just sit there and play tic tac toe while they are rapening your wallet, and time you spent waiting. Our friends don’t rape us. They do hurt us with the truth but it is free may cost a lot of pain for you but it is better than having a raped wallet.

Your friends are there for you to listen, give advice and even get you out trouble for free. Your therapest will give you advice and listen to you depending on how much you pay him or her. Reason one not to listen to your therapest.

Reason one: not to listen to your therapest

Your therapest pulls your wallet. It is like they swipe your credit card through the machine for you. No money no listen.

Reason two: not to listen to your therapest. Your therapest will help you depending on how much you pay him or her. $50 dollars ok you have a problem, $100 so what is it that makes you think this. Any more money and you he or she will make you fell good and happy. Your therapest will feel happy to because you just helped them buy a new Crystler convertible.

Now that you are done with your visit you fell good, but that is till you cannot pay the bills, feed your kids, cat, dog, and even poor buggy the fish.

If we listen to our friends, we save money. We may not like them for the truth but ohh well.

Reason one: to you listen to your friends

Your friend tells the truth he or she does not pull your wallet but gives you more like a punch in the face with truth. It may not be pretty but the truth never is.

Reason two: to listen to your friends

A friend costs nothing but friendship in return. You ask for advice they give it to you, no trying to fit you in their schedule or “I am going on vacation”. Because your friend will do anything for you: stop a bullet or take a bat to someone because they are your friends who are here to help (not take your credit card or money).

Like the old people tell us “the truth will set you FREE.” That’s all we need.