This I Believe

Nathan - Mesquite, Texas
Entered on April 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Language De-Regulation for Sinners

If everyone I’ve ever, and still do, know has cussed, then why do people still consider it to be immoral? To even tell me what is immoral could be immoral to me. For that, I would have to change my definition of morality and cussing, and modify my views of the world in order to fit yours and many other people’s standards. Cuss words are just that, words. How you interpret them and give them meaning is all up to you, I have no impact on that. Besides, most people who preach to the world that cussing will destroy our souls are the ones producing illegitimate children before marriage, college, and often before graduating high school.

How does gratuitous sex and overpopulating the world compare to the spoken word? There are seven words on the FCC’s list of words that cannot be said on radio or television and you know what? Only two, yes two, cuss words are on that list. F**k and S**t. Yes, the horrible, soul-destroying F-Bomb and what nature dictates that every person on the planet does. Actually, most people do both. You see, even the government/FCC realizes that people are having a lot of sex, so it decided to ban the word that may or may not, depending on your definition, connote the act of having sex. Though I have no idea why they banned a word that means to “drop a load” or “take a squat”. Probably, s**tty parents letting their children watch an excessive amount of graphic television, even though those kids probably already know how to take a crap.

Though when we allow our selves to speak in a natural way we could not allow people use only cuss words, because we want to move forward in our freedoms, not stay in the same place with different rules.

When we deregulate our language, we will actually have the right to free speech and expression. Not only that, our society would be that much stronger, because those that speak out now for language censoring would have to be more tolerant of our damnable language that we all use at some point. And so far I haven’t seen the fires of Hell come roaring up for me.