This I Believe

Cesar - 78753
Entered on April 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Your future is based on the decisions you take every day. How do you know if you are heading to the right direction? Some believe that if they base their decisions on their emotions they will have better control of a situation but others prefer to base their decisions on a more solid planning system.

One who does not wait at the last minute to accomplish a task always has a better chance to succeed in what ever their assignment is. It’s obvious that we as humans have to work to sustain ourselves but the more efficient we are at work the better our pay is going to be. Whether if a student is going to college or a single mother is searching for a better job, good decisions are essential for a better life.

The reason that some people don’t take care of priorities in time is because they are easily distracted with secondary tasks that are not appropriate ones for the occasion. Most people who succeed in a business or a company are disciplined individuals that are determined to take responsibility and finish a job in a presentable manner. Not everyone has as much of a problem in this area but in some point everyone has to deal with distractions that many times seem to trough us off from our main goal. If a student decided to skip school regularly this person will find him/herself with a lot of make up hours and will either way be at school the same time as a student who attended school everyday.

A decision is based on what we believe in and is what makes up our character as individuals. If we want to succeed not only in society but also in our personal life we have to take responsibility and have in conscience that what we do today is what we are picking up tomorrow. Many leave for tomorrow what they can do today and clearly these people have no determination what so ever and are most likely not going to take care of business if not told to do so. People who are placed in high places in society have had to pay a price of discipline and most of them have developed an initiative for doing things.

Education can be a way to train a person for a better life which can sometimes be overwhelming for people that are not naturally smart but is a challenge that if conquered can leave a huge amount of benefits.

Everything is based on decisions and determination is a big factor in these when wanting to take wise decisions that help our lives for the best. In order to obtain determination one has to have a strong desire for something and has to be committed to this desire even if this desire does not happen. There is a more much greater chance for a person that is determined to take better decisions than a person who is not. Success can be as close as someone wishes it to be but changes in our daily decisions have to be made in order for us to get to where we want to stand in the future.