This I Believe

Alicia - Rifle, Colorado
Entered on April 16, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in an insistence on small miracles. Miracles that seem irrelevant to some, but miracles that are cherished by those who experience them. Miracles that allow for a bright future of the world, a future filled to rafters of hope and fulfilment.

I believe that experiencing a miracle will enlighten the person and remove the shadows of darkness that once surrounded their life. Miracles bring light to the knowledge of experience in the past, pride in the accomplishments of the present, and hope for the future of the world, even when the days to come are looked upon with dismay.

I believe that miracles open eyes, gateways to the soul, and allow them to fixate on things never seen before. I was fourteen and legally blind, seeing mostly blobs of color, occasionally making out certain features and large, obvious details. But I never saw the little details, the most important ones that define an object or a person.

After, what I believe to be an act of God, I found the world’s most awe-inspiring, skilled surgeons. The transformed my vision from a measly 20/400 to 20/40 in eight minutes flat. Eight minutes that would forever change my life. I removed the eye patch and the dark shadows that once consumed me were lifted away. The important details that define an object, a person, an existence, were finally revealed.

A simple act revealed a new world, a world filled with hope and distinction that was never known before. A world that would allow for numerous possibilities that had not presented themselves in times of uncertainty and doubt.

Yes, a small miracle that seems irrelevant to some, but a miracle that is cherished by me, as I have experienced a life changing miracle. A miracle that allows for a future filled with hope and fulfilment, a future so beautiful, so clear, and so bright, laid steady in my hands and steady in my heart. Yes, this I believe.