This I Believe

Sankara - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Entered on April 16, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

My core belief is that I have no excuse not to unconditionally identify with

all others. I believe in an expansive sense of self–that nurturing larger

ideas of who I am embodies a universal, inclusive spirituality. I believe

that any organization deliberately fostering a narrow sense of self, such as

a religion, nation, or corporation, exclusive of others, is a threat to

humanity’s survival. Hence, I believe in the centralization of power in

individuals rather than in the power of millions placed in the hands of a

few politicians, priests, or plutocrats.

Holding to my core belief, I believe in humanity free of self-mystification.

Despite my Jewish monotheistic upbringing, to me God is everything — the

cosmos. I believe that I, as does every human being, have the right to

create a personal image of the Infinite and use that image to focus my heart

and mind in inner devotion. I believe that everyone else’s images of God are

valid if they serve the function of expanding the heart and mind, no matter

what they are named. I also believe that I have the right to refrain from

creating personal images of the Infinite if I so choose.

I believe in the efficacy of the scientific method and in the freedom to

question anything.

I believe that local and global colloquia are superior to political parties;

establishing communities is superior to enforcing geopolitical borders;

loyalty to principles is superior to nationalism; self-sacrifice is superior

to martyrdom; sexual freedom is superior to abstinence-only indoctrination;

and self-reliance is vastly superior to self-help.

Another way of stating my core belief is to say that something has lasting

value to me only because it is based on the one thing that has eternal

value: the ongoing expansion of my sense of self to include everyone and