This I Believe

Allison - Fontana, California
Entered on April 14, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the importance of staying down to earth and never forgetting where you came from. When people stay grounded, they are more humble and tend to not hurt others with their actions. My father works for the Coca-Cola Company, and as a result of that, I am always changing schools to go to new places for his job. Right before I moved to California, I had lived in Ohio for 6 years. I had many close friends which made it extremely hard for me to be able to leave them. When I first moved, my friends and I talked all the time. Then I noticed as I had begun to make friends out here in California I started to call my friends less and less each week. It came to the point where I never called any of my friends from Ohio anymore, because in a sense I felt that I did not need to talk to them anymore. That was one of the poorest choices I could have made. Eventually, I realized after one of my friends from Ohio called me and told me to not forget who my real friends were that I realized that I had become a completely different person. I had adapted to the new “California” ways and completely left all of my friends who really cared about me in Ohio behind out of my life. They were the friends that always cared for me and were there when I needed them the most and I almost let that slip away. As soon as I realized my huge mistake, I started to make more and more calls to my friends from Ohio to try to maintain our friendships.

I almost got caught up in the move, and felt that those friendships in Ohio were not as important anymore because I no longer lived in the same state as them. That is many peoples main problem when it comes to friends. They feel that once they make new friends, it is too hard to maintain friendships with their old friends and they just simply give up on those friendships. The saying “Make new friends, but keep the Old” is a very wise saying. It is very possible to move forward with your life and also keep your old friends in tact with you. Many movie stars face this problem all of the time. Before they were famous, they were just normal people who had to deal with everyday drama and problems. Then when they get to be famous, they feel that they are superior to everyone around them and they forget where they came from. They forget that they were once that same middle class fan who just wants an autograph from their favorite actor. It is the movie stars that stay in touch with their old friends and family and still treat everyone with respect even after they are rich and famous that I truly have respect for.

Live your life day by day and embrace everything that comes with life. Staying in touch with your past and your roots will make you a very humble person that people enjoy to be around.