This I Believe

Andrea - sanford, North Carolina
Entered on April 14, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, setbacks

I believe in families that stay together. Marriage is to be taken seriously, and is not just about love, but about sacrifices and futures. So many people take marriage with a grain of salt, not realizing how many people’s lives it affects, especially if children are involved.

My parents divorced when I was young, and it did not really affect me until my teenage years. I experienced the stereotypical teenage rebellion years, and revolted. I find reasoning now in that maybe I needed attention; maybe I was raising myself and clearly was not mature enough to do so. I was doing the parents’ job in making choices, but doing so by influences of peer pressure.

Years later I find myself jealous of my best friend for the family he is so lucky to have; the family that is so rare to find: the family that eats dinner at the table together, the parents that go to their children’s sport events and help with homework, the family that goes to church together on Sundays, the family that goes on vacations, and the family that even has hobbies that they do together. He has the family that stays together.

How envious am I that my family is torn apart; that we all have pain in our past, and that we are not as close as many of us might like. I have come to realize though that through all this I am lucky. I am luckier then a lot of children that are a result of divorced parents; children who have bad behavioral problems and problems with drugs for example, all because they needed a way to cope with a marriage that was not taken as seriously as it is intended to do so, and it broke up a family.

I have taken this experience that is so common to so many families and based my beliefs on it. I believe that marriage should be a sure thing; an unconditional unity. I believe that you should raise your children with the right values, and you can not do so when your family is falling apart. If everyone had these values it could shape America to believing in what is important, and that is family.

I believe in the family that plays board games, the family that talks about their problems, and the family that helps one another; the family that is close, and holds their family before anything else in their life. I believe in the family that stays together.