This I Believe

Megan - Durham, North Carolina
Entered on April 14, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

“They melt in your mouth, not in your hand.” Definitely what everyone first thinks of when thinking of M&Ms. MMMMMMM. M&Ms. The chococately goodness that so many Americans indulge themselves in every day. They’re perfectly pop able; they’ll go anywhere that you need to go. M&Ms even come in all sorts of flavors, from regular milk chocolate to Peanut, to Almond, and even the peanut butter filled and crunchy. Have you ever eaten these separately? Or maybe even popped a whole handful in your mouth? Seriously. Try eating all of the different flavors of M&Ms. First, eat each different flavor separate. Then, eat a whole handful of the different flavors together. I guarantee that the flavors will be different when you try doing this.

The reason that M&Ms are so fascinating to me isn’t because I really enjoy chocolate. I believe that these tiny pieces of scrumptious candy actually are a lot like America. Look at America. No, not everyone is green and blue or round. America is full of all sorts of people from all sorts of ethnicities, with all sorts of culturally rich backgrounds. Now take for instance a bag of M&Ms. Think about it for a second. The different flavors of M&Ms are so good when they are separated by flavor, right? But when they’re together, they’re actually much better, because you get the full-bodied effect of the background of the M&M that makes them all the same: the fact that they are covered in milk chocolate. Now apply this to America. Sure, Americans all look different, may sound different, may have different ethnicities, but one thing is the same. I We are all Americans, who also share a common backbone. This backbone is the fact that we can all live freely and that we share the same core American beliefs. So, the next time that you have a bag of M&Ms, think about America. Americans may not be regular or crunchy, but they definitely share the same ideas that a candy such as M&Ms believes to be so true.