This I Believe

Iris - Knightdale, North Carolina
Entered on April 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that justice does not exist. Every time I think about this word my belief is reinforced by my experiences, but I believe that justice itself is not to blame, people that abuse and utilize it to get profit and benefit and not to for the searching of justice itself are to blame.

My experience with my mother’s lawsuit opened my eyes toward politics, law, and justice in this world, dropping my passion for politics in my law career. When I was 13 years old, my mother got very sick in her lungs, her doctor diagnosed her with an illness from fungus and chemicals. She got this health condition as a consequence of the sick building syndrome. This means that the contamination in her body was provoked and developed from the toxic elements that existed in the building that she breathed while she was working there. After my mother figured out that all her illness came from the building, she decided to file a lawsuit against the government of Puerto Rico for negligence in the grantingof the building permits and againdt the owners on the building because of their negligence in knowing the conditions of the building and ignoring the fact. She hired a prominent lawyer along with six more coworkers. He promised them that he would take the lawsuit to its final terms. The lawyer tageted this lawsuit against the state law CFSE (the law that protects the employer against lawsuits for negligence), but the target became impossible

because of a lack of money from the appellants, the lawyer quit the case, leaving them without any hope for justice, and with failed lawsuit in the US Court of Appeals Circuit of Boston.

I believe in the lack of justice in this world because in this case the government abused its power, denying to hear the case in a court session alleging that the case did not have and valid base. This is the radical point of my experience; that the court session was never held because the government was the party being sued. How can we find justice, if our own government, the one that it supposed to care for us, is utilizing the source of justice for its benefit, and not to care for the people.