This I Believe

Bobbi - Raleigh, North Carolina
Entered on April 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: parenthood

I believe that a person’s parents are the most important aspect in shaping the life of that person. From personal experience my parents have made my life all that it is. Depending on the parent’s of a person determines how that person will be in their overall life. An example of this would be, if the parents of a person are overbearing during their childhood and teenage years then in my opinion the young person will want to rebel. Another example would be if a person’s parents are lenient and allow their child to make their own decisions and trust their child, then the child will be more obedient throughout their life. My parents are the two people that I admire the most, and I look up to them more than anyone else. They have made me everything that I am. I believe that my parents have instilled in me the correct morals, ethics, and values to live a positive and rewarding life. Parents have the ability to shape their children’s life; I believe that parents have the most important job in the world. In some aspect our parents are the reason that we feel the way that we do about everything that we have an opinion on in society. In my opinion if our generation brings up their children to be more open-minded and more excepting about different races and different cultures then the world will be an overall better place. I believe that this will happen eventually. It is our generation’s job to make sure that this happens. In my opinion as future parents we have the most power as a group than any other people in the world. I look forward to being a great parent to my child or children, but I also look forward to helping to make the world a better place by instilling proper morals and values into my children. I strongly believe in this approach to making the world a better place; I can envision this all-most perfect world inside of my mind. I can only hope and believe that my image will be close to accurate.