This I Believe

Katharine - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Entered on April 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

When I was younger, one of my sister’s closest friends died in a car accident. My sister was so depressed that she cried for about a week. All of the girl’s friends went to the funeral except my sister. She couldn’t stand to see one of her closest being buried after such a short life. At the time my sister was in seventh grade. I learned so much from this moment in time.

For the longest time I tried to make my sister feel better by telling her that everything will be alright. She just smiled at me and then walked away. My mom even tried to make her happier by taking her shopping but that didn’t work. A few days later I told my sister to realize that her friend lived her life to the fullest and she should be proud to know a girl like her. This made my sister stop being depressed and start living her life this way. I was so proud and happy.

I found my philosophy to be: live you life to the fullest. Even if a life is cut short, a person still accomplished as much as they could in the brief time they had on this earth. I have also had friends that have died in traffic accidents so I know what my sister went through. It’s hard to look at that person’s family and know that they lost a son or a daughter when you just lost a friend. I have told many people this philosophy and they have taken it and made it their own. I am glad I could share it with everyone I know.

I have helped many people move on after tragedies that I fell like I have lived my life to the fullest. I have dealt with many problems anywhere from break ups to suicide attempts. With all of these problems my philosophy did help and those people are now happy and have moved on from their issues. I honestly can’t believe that majority of people that I know would take my advice, but they have and now are happier because they learned from the bad experiences.

Although I wish I could have done more for my sister, I did make her day better and helped her move on. To this day my sister still visits her friend’s grave. I am glad I helped her and others with their problems.