This I Believe

Crystal - Rock Spring, Georgia
Entered on April 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in hugs

One of the most important things I believe in is hugs. I have a brother that is five years younger than me that has Down syndrome. His philosophy in life is to love everyone and to tell them that he does with a hug. One mid- afternoon in the summer my family stopped at a gas station. We had gotten in line to pay for gas and junk food that everyone always buys at a convenient store. There was an older man in front of us paying with some change. He was a very tall man and my brother was about six years old. Before my mom and I could stop him, my brother dashes at the man’s leg and hugs him and tells him “I love you”. The man then just broke into tears crying like he had just lost his closest friend. After he collected himself, he told us that his wife had died fifteen years ago and that he has not been hugged or told “I love you” since she passed away. On that day, I learned the importance and value in letting someone know that you care and love them. In the world today where everyone is in such a hurry and care only for themselves, to get a hug from someone makes all the crap we go through in life seem worth it. To this day, I try to hug everyone I come in contact with. This has made the biggest impact on people I never thought it could. So, I challenge anyone who reads this to give a hug. I promise it will make you feel as good as the person receiving the hug. Showing love and compassion with a hug, this I believe.