This I Believe

Michael - Naperville, Illinois
Entered on April 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem, love

Changes can be a good thing

I believe that most if not all of us live our lives according to a routine. We make set plans for our day. We do this so that we feel safe and that nothing bad will happen. Philosopher Immanuel Kant lived his life according to a very strict routine. He went beyond 30 miles of his home only once. Never once did he ever change his plans in any way. I believe that this is not the best way to live. Sometimes we should change our plans to mix things up. However sometimes, there can be a wrench thrown into our schedules or plans. We end up changing our plans to accommodate these unexpected wrenches. Whether we realize it or not, this might actually be a good thing for someone. A great thing that you did not expect to happen to you happens. Our predictable lives suddenly become unpredictable.

I can make this statement through experience. This happened to me one Saturday afternoon last summer. On my first date with my former girlfriend, we originally planned to meet at a bookstore. I figured that we would sit at a table at its café and talk because that is what I had planned. However, after walking around the store, she wanted to leave and walk around downtown Naperville. I decided to go along with it. We ended up walking around town. She had never been in that area before so I decided to show her around. I went into places that I had never been to and had seen things that I had never seen before. I soaked up the experiences and tastes of going to a coffeehouse, an underground bookstore, and the Last Fling which is a festival held late in the summer . A great feeling went into me as she put her arm around my waist and my reaction was returning the favor . It became even better when it ended with what is now one of the greatest memories I have ever had. I still think about that day and I have happy feelings.

I find that I am not the same person as I was long ago. My experiences have allowed me to become a better and more open person. It is good to be spontaneous occasionally. At first, we hesitate to be different because we do not know what will happen to us. Another reason might be because we dislike it. However, we will succumb to temptation. In this case, it was the girl. In the end, we end up being thankful because great and unexpected things have happened to us. Everyone has the opportunity to meet new people and experience exciting new things. They suddenly become moments that we will never forget. Perhaps it is fate telling us this. It is as if events will occur and we will be involved with them. We should not be afraid of the unusual. Therefore, I urge you to break out of your daily routine. I know that September day that I certainly did.