Following Rules

Alan - Wayland, Iowa
Entered on December 9, 2011

I believe that rules are an important part of society. Rules maintain order and respect for others. If there weren’t laws or rules, everyone would do as they pleased and this could have a bad affect on the world.

I try to follow the rules. My parents, Wilbur and Debbie, have set rules for me that I have to follow every day. Some of the rules I don’t agree with, but I follow them because that is what I believe I should do. There are reasons they set the rules for me in the first place, and I know they love me, so they are doing it for my own good. I think I value rules a lot more than I used to when I didn’t have a structured family. Now that I do, I want to respect the rules that are set for me.

When I was younger I would go against the rules because I had no structure in my life. Later, when I moved in with Wilbur and Debbie, they provided structure into my life, so I started to follow and respect rules. I think that rules have made me into the person I am today. I have also learned that respecting the rules and regulations gets me a lot farther than not obeying the rules. Sometimes, if I get home early, before curfew, then I get to stay out later, another day. Maybe it’s a conditioning response they are pulling on me, but it usually works. I know that to get somewhere in life I have to follow rules and to do this I will make sure that I’m aware of my surroundings and the things other people value as well as what I value.

Something that has been in the news lately has been bullying. The hot topic is about implementing laws, or rules, to protect these victims. I know that when I was younger I would get pick on for living in the trailer court. I hated this and it would make me so mad that I would do and say things that weren’t the right things to do or say. I got myself in trouble because of acting out and not wanting to follow the rules due to being bullied around. I acted like I was tough so it wouldn’t seem like it affected me as much. This was all a lie, I really did feel horrible inside, but nobody would do anything to the kids making fun of me. I think this is why I believe there should be justice and laws to protect kids from being bullied.

The world would be chaos without structured rules to keep everything organized.