Why I Paint My Fingernails

Lea - Lineville, Alabama
Entered on November 21, 2011

I have never been what one would consider a “girly girl,” but it is very uncommon for one to see my fingernails bare. Even before I could paint my own fingernails, I would crawl into my mom’s lap and beg her to paint them for me. Back then, any intensely colored red was my polish of choice because my mom always painted her nails red. Whenever I requested this vivid color, my mom insisted that the color was “too old for me,” yet this never stopped her from giving in to my pleas.

As I looked down at my fingernails then, I felt a sense of maturity, beauty, and intelligence. Today when I paint my fingernails, I still experience those same feelings. Looking down at my brightly colored nails can instantly lighten my mood. If I ever begin to feel anxious, I take a minute to study my smoothly polished fingernails and appreciate them. Funny how such a simple thing can make someone’s day, isn’t it?

I believe that everybody should find something small to appreciate and allow it to improve their day. I also believe that we should strive to make at least one other person feel better every single day. Something as simple as making eye contact with and smiling at people as they walk by, asking them how they are feeling, or even holding the door for them can make their mood change drastically. I know that these trivial actions have an influence on my mood throughout the course of a day, so I can guarantee that the same is true for others as well.

Life is something that we can only experience once. I paint my fingernails to remind myself that even the smallest of things in life matter. If something as inconsequential as having pink fingernails can revitalize my day, imagine what other seemingly insignificant actions can make the days of others.