Physical Fitness

Timethy - Eben Junction, Michigan
Entered on November 16, 2011
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At the beginning of my seventh grade year I was fat. I was Lazy. I was completely overweight and out of shape. This was the result of me attempting to eat my stress away. As I got bigger so did the amount of my stress, it became evident that I must find a new way to deal with my stress. Luckily for me a couple of weeks later the Munising wrestling coach showed up looking for volunteers. I was just desperate enough to take him up on his offer.

During the first week of practice I didn’t think that I would last the entire season. Later in my wrestling career I found out that the first week was used to get rid of the weak and unmotivated. As the four and a half month season advanced I began to notice changes for the better in my body as well as my stress levels. From that point forward I exercised regularly to deal with stress increasing it with the levels of stress.

I believe that the root of dealing with a stressful situation is not only quickness of the mind but a fit body to carry it. I believe that the mind is nothing if the stress that you are dealing with taxes the body in such a way that it causes the stress to compound. Therefore it doesn’t matter how smart you are if your body cannot handle what you are throwing at it.

A fit body helps deal with the stress but it can also help prevent it. When the levels of stress in my life began to increase and I found that exercising got rid of my stress temporarily. I also began to realize that what had previously caused stress no longer did. The increased amount of energy that you gain by being physically fit allows your mind to better solve the problem that is causing your stress which is the only way to get rid of the stress for good.

Being physically fit makes one more resilient to the physical stresses of life than make you feel run down and more receptive to other stresses. I believe that if one remains in a constant state of higher physical fitness they will have a life with significantly less stress. It also increases the amount motivation to better deal with the stress that does find its way into their life.