The Most Powerful Thing is a Smile

Shannon - Omaha, Nebraska
Entered on October 17, 2011
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the smile. A smile can do wondrous things to any person you meet. It can make a persons day, or show someone that it’s okay to approach you. It can show pride, or how proud you are of someone. A smile is a way to open up to people and show that you care. That there is still good in the world even with all of the bad stuff that’s happening.

When I was six, my grandpa told me this story of a little angel. It was about four years from then, and my grandpa was really depressed. The economy was bad, he had a bad back, and he had just recently lost his job. He was sulking around the house day after day. My mother had recently gotten tickets to go with my dad to Ireland with his side of the family. The little angel, me, was put into my mother’s parent’s care, while they were away for a few weeks.

One day my grandpa decided it was his time to go; he was going to do it with his own hands. He walked down the stairs and turned into the living room. On the couch was me, just sitting there waiting for someone to play with. When I saw my grandpa, I looked up, and just smiled at him. In those few moments my grandpa realized that it wasn’t his time. He saw hope in my eyes, and decided best to see what I’d grow up to become.

For the rest of the day, he chased me as I ran across the coach for about an hour. He caught me when I fell down the stairs, and helped me learn to walk. All day he had been saying my name over and over trying to get me to repeat it back. At dinner, I finally screamed, “Shannon!” at him, and he just smiled at me. However, he didn’t stop there his next attempt was encyclopedia. All I gave him was pedia. Grandpa was better after that, but as I got older more stuff happened to cause my world to go dark.

More recently a bunch of things have been happening in my family that put a dark cloud over our heads. I was at a funeral one day crying my eyes out. There was so much sadness built up in me, I just couldn’t stop. A friend of mine gave me a hug. Later I was about to leave, he lifted my chin up and said “cheer up”. He smiled at me, and I could help smile back. It just made the hard time a lot easier.

I believe in smiles. They are the duck tape to a hard time. They are away to show you care, and that you’re proud. They are the key to making anyone’s day. This I believe with all of my smiles.