Laughter is the Best Medicine

Madison - La Grange, Kentucky
Entered on October 13, 2011
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone sometimes has to go through something that hurts. I know I have. From the time you are really little up until your last days. Something I have learned from these experiences is something that my mom always told me, “Sometimes all you need to do is laugh to keep yourself from crying.” To make light of things with everything you go through. I believe no matter how bad things get you need to laugh.

Remember when you were a little kid? The sight of any injury always caused wailing; when you would fall and scrape up your knee. I know I would sit on the concrete screaming until my parents came running out to fix it. Of course they go through the “kiss and make it better” thing; then something different my parents did was they would tell me some corny joke. But it would make me laugh, and because I laughed, I was off playing again. Happy as ever.

As you get older things that upset you become different, more serious. I feel like the things I get most upset about now involve my grades. Typically something involving school or academics. This isn’t just something I experience. I see it happen to most of my friends and peers as well. Whether it’s being backed up with homework or failing a test, there is a lot of pressure in high school to succeed in academics because it’s what’s setting you up for your future. All of that stress is eventually going to build up and if you hold it in things can get emotional. But when things do get to that point all it takes is a little time with my friends to cheer me up and make me laugh.

Then there is always that one thing that is so much harder than the rest. It varies with people, but mine was the five years my mom was sick. During those years it took everything I had sometimes just to be able to hold back the tears, be strong, and not get depressed. Those moments are the times you can’t erase from your mind.

My mother is an extremely strong woman. She’s my inspiration not only for this belief, but for who I want to be. During those times it just seemed like it would’ve been easier to sit down and cry. But that’s never what we did. My mom would crack jokes about her illness, and never took the smile off her face, no matter how sick she got. Her perseverance really show laughing gets you through it better than crying.

Now bad days are never really all that bad. All it takes is the little help from a smile or a quick joke to brighten up anyone’s day. So my advice to everyone is when you or someone you care about hits a rough patch; make them laugh. Because that’s all it truly takes no matter how bad it gets its nothing a laugh can’t fix. Seeing the light in things really is the best medicine.