Swimming Is the Best Sport Ever

Charlee - Layton, Utah
Entered on October 6, 2011
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that swimming is the best sport because of the competition. There is a lot of friends and everyone is everyone’s friend on the team. Every day is a new learning opportunity you never know it all. Meets are so much fun from throwing food a crossed the pool to beating your best time!

Everyone is everyone’s friend. There is so many friends on the swim team it is so much fun they make the team it is awesome to know that they are all there for you they are like my second family during practices everyone is always cheering everyone else on telling them that they are awesome and can do anything that they set their mind to! It is also fun when we do meets every one is always there cheering cheering on the other person during their races as loud and hard as they can and giving kind up lifting words to in courage them even if they lose and helping them learn how to get to their next race.others even if they lose.

Every day is a new learning opportunity! That is what makes swimming so interesting great you never ever know everything about swimming there is always more to learn and every time I go to practice, a meet, or a class Itit doesn’t matter you will I always learn something new. There is always new flip turns, open turns, drills, technics, and tons more that my coach will tell me about each day. I love to go to practice and come home and write it in my swim journal it is also fun to look back at my journal and see all of the stuff that I have learned about practice and meets in years past.

Meets are so much fun I get so excited for each one. They are so much fun to cheer on friends throwing food a crossed the pool shooting for others mouths, yelling at the top of your lungs for your best friend to swim faster, playing games, competition, and the feeling of when you jump of the block on your favorite event knowing that with no doubt you that you can beat everyone else that is swimming in the race. I love the feeling of when you touch the wall with all your might and look at the clock and know that you have dropped a ton of time and possibly even got state!!of time and then going and talking to and seeing the look on your coaches face.

I believe that swimming is the best sport ever because it is so much fun and there is always something to work towards and you are never just swimming you always have a time to beat or a stroke to master. It is so much fun after a hard stress full day at school when you get home to hurry get ready for swim and as soon as you get there and walk into the building and smell the chlorine it seems as if all of the stress just goes away. And that is why I think you should swim.