A Precious Fall

Morgan - Lake Mary, Florida
Entered on October 5, 2011
Age Group: Under 18

One vacation. One mountain. One fall. All would change my life completely.

In the summer of 2009, my family and I traveled on vacation. Maine is a spectacular place for hiking. I for one, did not want to go: I hate hiking. I hate the suffering of climbing up steep rocks, losing my breath.

We arrived in Maine to hike a different mountain every day. During our fourth day, I was done hiking. The mountain was actually a carriage road which had roads for horse drawn carriages. Every so often we would cross the road and continue on the slippery, damp hiking path. As we neared the top, my sister and I began to race to see who would get there first. We always joke with my parents for going too slowly or sarcastically yell, “Don’t fall!” My dad cannot feel the bottom of his feet from chemotherapy from previous colon cancer.

All of the sudden, I heard a loud crash with a painful scream. My dad was yelling, “I broke my arm!” My sister and I thought it was a joke and started laughing; but in fact, this was no joke. Fortunately, we had passed the carriage road about five minutes before. My strong, brave dad had to walk downhill to reach the road for help. Thankfully, we had wireless service on top of a mountain to call 911. Once we arrived at the hospital, we waited there for a couple of hours to see what the doctors would conclude. The doctor finally informed us that surgery was needed the next morning. Although this was not an expected incident, we had family bonding time at the hospital just being there with him. For me, I was thankful for no more hiking.

Early the next morning, my mom, my sister, and I went to the hospital before my dad’s surgery to be with him and pray for him. Just as we were finishing our time together, the doctors came in. We were expecting them to take him for surgery, but on the contrary they said they could not operate on his arm. His white blood cell count was abnormally high. My dad had leukemia. Those four words made my heart and stomach plummet to the core of the earth. Why was God allowing my dad to become sick again? Why my dad? These questions remained unanswered for some time.

Because my dad had felt no symptoms of the leukemia, God allowed him to break his arm in order for us to discover his sickness early. Ultimately, this fall saved his life. I have learned that God uses every situation in our lives to bring about His sovereign will. Not only did this change my dad’s life, but it also has changed who I am and how I view everything with a new perspective. I am forever changed and forever grateful because I believe God is sovereign.