I Believe in Positive Change

Destiny - Pacoima, California
Entered on September 19, 2011
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in positive changes. I believe in positive changes because when you encourage someone to do better you have changed their way of being someone in life. It was a sunny afternoon, while the children played football, my friend Stephanie and I were sitting on the field talking about our weekend plans. After a while, we noticed a girl walking towards us. She was a tall, slender, brown eyed girl, with a purple streak in her hair. I immediately felt a bond between us. After minutes of talking, we began sharing our problems.

I realized that she had many problems with her mom. She also told me how she was hurting herself. I encouraged her to see the school counselor and to work things out with her mom. I was always there for her, encouraging her to change her bad habits, and do better in school. My positive attitude helped her to do better and solve her problems with her family.

I have always been a believer in positive changes. However, I realized that change isn’t always easy, due to a personal experience. It was in the middle of my second semester in middle school and I was so depressed that I couldn’t concentrate on my homework or improving my grades. In lunch I couldn’t eat anything and my friends started to notice and feel worried about me. When I started feeling depressed and lost, my friend Adriana started to notice that I wasn’t acting like myself so she asked me “What’s wrong?” I told her “nothing just bored why?” She just gave me a look that I knew something that I wasn’t telling her I felt uncomfortable and told her “don’t worry about me I’m fine” she just said, “okay” with an uneasy tone in her voice. After school I was walking to the drop off until my friend went in front of me blocking my way she told me “Adriana told me that something is wrong with you” I just stared at her with an uneasy look on my face I told her, “Nothing’s wrong with me.” She just glared her eyes at me, and said “Don’t lie to me! I can tell when something’s wrong with you.” I responded, “don’t worry about me I’m fine.” She gave me a look that said to tell her what was wrong with me after a minute I gave in and told her “Fine! I’m depressed” she just said, “Want me to help you?” I started to protest but she cut me off and said, “Don’t tell me that you don’t need help cause I know you do I just want to help you get through this just like you helped me get through my problems. When you were helping me I started to realize that life is worth it and that I can change myself into a better person and you helped me change into a better person by just being there for me and encouraging me to believe in myself”. When my friend told me this I also started realizing that life was worth It and that I can get through my depression and she also made me realize that I need to get help right away by just talking to a teacher or a counselor about my depression.

Change didn’t come easy for my friend because life was really tough on her, she was depressed, and she didn’t get along with her family. I believe in positive change. I believe in positive change because it brings encouragement, lends a hand, and it’s helpful. Change is not easy but it is possible if you believe in yourself.