Submission Agreement

We are delighted that you are interested in submitting your essay to This I Believe. As you will see, you will retain copyright ownership of your essay. However, you are granting This I Believe, Inc., the license to duplicate, display, transmit, etc. your essay, and essay-writing reflections, in all media. We are requesting these rights so that your thoughtful words can inspire as many people as possible for generations to come. Any profits from this work will be used to continue the operation of our organization. This I Believe, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization established to promote the free and respectful exchange of stories of core personal belief through media, outreach, and educational activities.

By submitting an essay to This I Believe, Inc., and agreeing to the terms of this Submission Agreement, you affirm that this essay is original to you, that you own the copyright to this work, no other person owns rights to this essay, and that the essay does not defame or otherwise violate the rights, copyrights, trademarks, privacy, or reputation of any third party.

You grant This I Believe, Inc., a non-exclusive, assignable, transferable, royalty-free, perpetual, world-wide, and permanent license to duplicate, display, distribute, excerpt, perform, or transmit the essay, and essay-writing reflections, in any format or media known or hereafter known. This I Believe, Inc., shall have the right to own or register copyrights to any works or compilations created by This I Believe, Inc., that contain the essay and/or essay-writing reflections, in whole or in part.

You agree to indemnify and hold This I Believe, Inc., harmless against any claims asserted by any third parties that allege the essay violates their rights, or from any breach by you of your promises in this Agreement. You shall be responsible for any costs incurred by This I Believe, Inc., for defense or settlement of third-party claims, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees of This I Believe, Inc.

You understand that submitting an essay does not guarantee that your work will be used, displayed, or otherwise reproduced. Essays, and essay-writing reflections, may be archived for public use, or reproduced in audio form, published in print or online, or in any other way. The decision of which and how essays, and essay-writing reflections, will be used will be at the sole discretion of This I Believe, Inc.

You agree to allow This I Believe, Inc., and its assignees to use your name and approved likeness in publishing, promoting, marketing, or otherwise distributing your essay. You grant This I Believe, Inc., the right to use a picture provided by you to promote your essay and the series online, in print, in visual displays, and for other ancillary uses.

This Agreement does not give you the right to use any names, images, trademarks, or service marks owned or licensed by This I Believe, Inc., or any other sub-licensees.

You affirm that you are at least 18 years of age and possess the legal right and ability to enter into this Agreement, or that you are the parent or legal guardian of the minor who is submitting the essay.

This Agreement represents the entire understanding of the parties and supersedes all prior agreements (whether written or oral), if any, with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement. This Agreement may only be modified or amended by a writing signed by both parties.

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