This I Believe

Jade - syracuse, New York
Entered on January 23, 2008

As humans we want to control our lives and the situations we allow ourselves to be in. It is within us to want plan our future and have dreams and goals. I believe everything that happens is for a reason. We may have visions for our life but the blueprint for our future is held in the control of a higher being.

Syracuse University was not my dream school. In high school, I had my heart set on going to the University of Miami. I dreamed of being in a tropical environment where I would wear a bathing suit and flip flops under my clothes to class. I planned on going to the beach between classes. I thought I was destined to have a permanent tan for the duration of my undergraduate career.

My aspirations became a dream deferred when University of Miami rejected me. I was heart broken. I was supposed to major in musical engineering and become a producer. Being that I was going to be an African American female producer, I would be such a hot commodity that I would only work with exclusive artists.

Now I have come to the realization that I was not supposed to go to the University of Miami and being rejected happened for a reason. Although I still prefer the tropical climate to the snow, my decision to attend Syracuse was a great one. Not only is my education paid for. I have learned so much academically and socially. I have begun to make connections and I am in the process of creating a promising future. I have met friends who I hope will remain my friends for a lifetime. The best thing is I have learned lessons that are exclusive to this location and my Syracuse surroundings.

I believe we are all here for a reason. I believe we are all fulfilling a higher purpose, designed by a higher being. I believe we have no real control over our futures. I believe in destiny. I believe anything and everything that happens, happens for a reason.