This I Believe

Miguel - Jackson, Michigan
Entered on October 2, 2006

We all do something we love doing best, whether people like what you do or not. You do it cause it matters to you, and its a part of your life. I love to draw, and play soccer and ever since i was a small kid, i knew what i wanted to be when i grew up. That was to be an architect, through out the years of my life i was very facinated by the buildings, and houses with very fancy windows, doors, roofs etc. It hooked me more and more into it. I drew houses that i wanted to build, in High School i was in art class i drew my Dream House, the one house im going to first build when i achieve my long life goal. i also had architecture and i enjoyed creating house plans…it was fun to me it was easy for me unlike most people they had trouble trying to figure out the basics and ideas. I know becoming and architect is no easy task, but i plan on becoming one no matter how long it takes me, my mom is having a second thought about my career. she thinks it wont happen but i think otherwise, my girlfriend believes in me as much as i believe in myself. I’ll become an architect one way or another, especially by working hard in college and receiving a great grade point average to go to the university that i want to go for architecture. For when i become an architect im going to build beautiful houses, buildings anything, im going to build my parents a better house and help them out in everything, i cant help them much now but i will eventually. This is why i believe i can do and i know i am best suited for this, i have my motivation, dream and love to keep me going and closer to my long life goal.